Colchester Rebuilds

We have considerable experience in rebuilding centre lathes, particularly Colchesters. 

Colchester stopped building the engine type lathe in the early 1990s in favour of the VS range.  Most of the early machines are now becoming worn and losing their accuracy. 

Following a survey of your machine, we will provide an estimated rebuild cost.  We can then remove the machine for strip down in our workshop or strip the machine at your premises.  During strip down, if any additional work or parts are required a full written estimate is submitted before undertaking the additional work.
You can inspect your machine at any time during the rebuild.  The approximate time for a machine to be rebuilt is four to five weeks.

Typical new parts fitted

  • Cross slide screw nut
  • Worm box pinion assembly
  • 3rd rod sleeve
  • Slide way wipers
  • Over size tailstock barrel
  • ½ nut
  • Sight glasses
  • Oilers
  • 3 jaw chuck

Colchester after rebuild

Colchester before rebuild

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